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Our OG TopShop Cannabis Dispensary is a great place to try designer weed. The staff at our dispensary is more than happy to help you with anything cannabis-related. Our shop is also known for its friendly, knowledgeable staff. We offer a range of products and even offer delivery service. Moreover, you can also take advantage of our monthly and daily deals to save more money.

OG TopShop is one of the most reliable cannabis shops in the area. There are murals and large paintings on canvas adorned in our store to create the perfect ambiance for purchasing marijuana. Our products are sourced from top cultivators around the world.






We have always supported the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. However, it wasn’t possible to sell this magical plant due to local laws in the USA.

However, we used to support the community and still offer services. We have all the necessary knowledge and information about the use of cannabis.

We wanted to share this gift with everyone who is in need of it. As the law became more accepting, we obtained all the necessary documents applied for a legal license to sell marijuana in Los Angeles.

Once we got the license, we opened this humble dispensary showcasing different types of marijuana products. Now, the local community members can easily buy cannabis from our store without any complications.

Our cannabis store is the best place to obtain flowers, prerolls, edibles, vapes, and concentrates at a discounted price. No matter what type of product you want, everything is available at our OG TopShop store. It is the original marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. 




Hand holding marijuana leaf ( Cannabis sativa indica )

OUR friendly staff

Our friendly staff and top-quality products are what make our dispensary a great place to try and buy weed. If you’re looking for a reputable and trustworthy dispensary, look no further than OG TopShop. All you need is a government-issued ID and a little cash. We sell cannabis to anyone above the age of 21 years.

We also provide great customer service and answer all the questions asked by customers. Whether you are looking for a flower, concentrate, or other marijuana product, our recreational dispensary is the best place to shop for your needs.  


Our store’s interior design has a futuristic yet natural theme. Its walls are made of glass and reflect the merchandise on the opposite wall. You will notice that the entire hallway is curved, which is classy and stylish. You will find a high-end strain of cannabis at our shop. The products offered by our dispensary are among the most popular in the world.

There are multiple levels of displays that showcase a stunning array of marijuana products in our shop. The interior design is sleek and modern, and there is plenty of space for visitors to relax and shop. Our cannabis dispensary has a friendly staff and offers a wide variety of options for patients. 

Our shop features an incredible collection of cannabis products. From the OG top shop to CBD concentrates, there’s something for every taste. From clothing to edibles to medical marijuana, a variety of marijuana products is available.

A high-end marijuana lounge is a great place for a relaxed, relaxing time with a great selection of marijuana products. Our shop’s staff is very helpful and welcoming, and the dispensary is clean and well-organized. 


At OG TopShop, we have an amazing collection of cannabis products. While you walk into our store, you will notice a wall of flashing advertisements for marijuana. 

You will notice rows of colorful gummies, dabbing rigs, and a unique art deco marijuana roll. You will also notice a huge mural in the shop. Unlike many other dispensaries, our shop has a scent bar, where you can sample the delicious aromas of terpenes (a fragrant compound secreted by marijuana plants).

With over 2,000 cannabis products, our shop has the best cannabis selection. With a wide variety of products and prices, you can get the best product for your money. There are some great brands available at our shop that aren’t even based in California. You’ll be able to find some of your favorite strains and tinctures here.